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Payment Methods is an online portal site which deals with both generic and branded drugs. It is a user friendly site and our customers can easily make their payment through electronic payment mode such as eCheque (only for US customer) and other payment option.

Advantage of eCheque payment mode:

  • It saves your time as payment can be done through internet and it’s a hassle free service.
  • It saves paper as it needs less paper work.
  • It protects your money from frauds.
  • You can trace your transaction easily with the help of your cheque number.
  • It a secure and safe mode of payment.

The important steps of eCheque processing are as follow:


In authorization, the customer needs to provide all the basic information to process the transaction by mail, phone call or via message. The required details of the customer need to provide such as:

  • Name of the account holder
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number


Processing: This is one of the most important steps done with the help of the ACH network and the money is easily transferred from one account to another account.

Conformation: When the transaction is done, the customer will be notified automatically. Now he/she can check all the details related to payment and all in his/her account.

Other Payment Option: This method of payment is available for all the customers.